Gujarati Font Avantika, Gopika, Shree

Download popular non-Unicode Gujarati font for type in Gujarati. See link below to download- Avantika, Gopika, Shree font. These fonts are commonly used for Gujarati typing. click on below link to download:

1. Free Download Gujarati Avantika Font

2. Free Download Gujarati Gopika Font

3. Free Download Gujarati Shree Font 

How to Install Gujarati Font ?

After download any Gujarati font file, Double click on font file and you will see a font window open with install button on that. For example see Avantika font installation process in image:

Gujarati font installation

How to type in these Gujarati font ?

It's very simple, Just download and install font from link given above and when you want to type in Gujarati open MS-word or other application, select Avantika, Gopika or Shree font from font family drop down box and start type. You will get your text in selected font.