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Roman Gujarati (Gujlish) to Gujarati Converter

The simplest method for type in Gujarati is transliteration, in which you can type with your English (QWERTY) keyboard in English (Gujarati in Roman letters) and the converter will convert your Roman Gujarati text into Gujarati text. It's fastest method for Type in Gujarati without learning complex Gujarati Keyboard layout. This Gujlish typed words get converted in Devanagari Gujarati script using transliteration process.

With this tool you can convert pre-typed Roman Gujarati passage into Devanagari Gujarati, you don't have to type them again in Devanagari. Gujarati typing featured with suggestion word appear on top bar of typing box, by clicking on desired word you will get it on typing box. You can convert your all Roman Gujarati text in Gujarati, it's free and fastest method for Gujarati Typing. Here you can download and copy the converted Gujarati text.

You can transliterate your pre-typed articles, Poem, Blog, Essay, Stories, Tweet etc. No need to mess up with Gujarati Keyboard layout, font and licensee software. It's Free, Fast and Accurate Roman Gujarati to Gujarati typing software.

Gujarati Transliteration

Gujarati transliteration is the process of representing the Gujarati script using Latin characters. It is a way to write or type Gujarati words using the English alphabet. Transliteration helps in phonetically representing the sounds of Gujarati words for those who are familiar with the English alphabet but may not be proficient in reading or writing the Gujarati script.

It's important to note that transliteration is different from translation. Transliteration focuses on representing the sounds of the original language using another script, while translation involves conveying the meaning of words or sentences from one language to another.

Convert English typed passage in Gujarati

Here with this tool you can convert your pre-typed Roman Gujarati (English) content into Gujarati script. Just paste your Roman Gujarati text here on box and press spacebar to get in Devanagari Gujarati. You can converter whole passage with one keypress. It's the free and fastest Gujarati typing and Gujarati transliteration software. If you are looking for English to Gujarati translation visit here.