Gujarati Typing in Mobile 

If you want to type in Gujarati from English follow the steps given below. This keyboard app is free and provided by Google. This app will help you to type in Gujarati language by transliteration method or Gujalish to Gujarati

Gboard keyboard

The Gboard app will convert English typed roman words in Gujarati. Follow given steps to enable Gujarati typing in mobile phones:

Step 1: Download "Gboard" App by search in Google play store or download from link given below

Click Here to Free Download Gboard App 

Gboard - the Google Keyboard is available for free download, there may be little variation in settings in various mobile devices but overall process is same as given below.

Step 2: After installation open the "Gboard" app by clicking on "Open" button.

Step 3: When you first time open the app you will see "ENABLE IN SETTINGS" button, click on that button as showing in below image:

Google Gboard App download      Enable Gboard typing in mobile  

Step 4: Now you will see "Manage on-screen keyboards" and Keyboard options as shown as below image, You have to enable "Gboard Multilingual Typing". It may populate a Attention pop-up, you have to tick OK.

on screen keyboard in android mobile      Gujarati typing app mobile download

Step 5: Now click on "SELECT INPUT METHOD" and a pop-up will appear you have to choose "Gboard" as shown in below image.

Select input method gboard mobile      gboard typing app installation

Step 6: Now, open any app like whats app or messages etc to type and click on setting icon and after that Languages options in below image.

language and keyboard in mobile      Language setting in Gboard app

Step 7: Now in Languages options, click on "Add Keyboard" button. After that select Gujarati (India) as shown in below image. 

languages in Gboard       Add Gujarati keyboard in Mobile

Step 8: Now, you will see many keyboards option, you have to choose the "abc -> ગુજરાતી " and click on "Done" button. Now you will see language name appear on space-bar button. Long press space bar button to switch language. 

Gujarati transliteration keyboard mobile app       gboard language switching

Step 9: Now on Change keyboard option select "abc -> ગુજરાતી " and start typing, what ever you type will appear in Gujarati language as shown in below image. 

Change language in Gboard mobile       Gujarati typing with Gboard mobile app

You can long press space-bar again to switch language. You can repeat the steps to add more languages and keyboards.