Gujarati Lys Fonts

Gujarati Lys fonts are popular Gujarati typeface fonts for Gujarati typing. Gujarati Lys fonts are non-Unicode fonts. Here you can view and download whole series of Gujarati Lys fonts in free.

These are old fonts which one used widely for Gujarati script typing. To be able to view the text written in Gujaratilys font you must have the font installed in your system. Here you can download and install font in one click.

Along with These Gujaratilys font you can also free download other Non-Unicode Gujarati fonts and Unicode Gujarati Fonts.

Sample Text
Sample Text

GujratiLys 010

GujratiLys 010 Bold

GujratiLys 010 Italic

GujratiLys 010 Bold Italic

GujratiLys 010 Condensed

GujratiLys 010 Wide

GujratiLys 010 Thin

GujratiLys 020

GujratiLys 020 Bold

GujratiLys 020 Italic

GujratiLys 020 Bold Italic

GujratiLys 020 Condensed

GujratiLys 020 Wide

GujratiLys 020 Thin

GujratiLys 030

GujratiLys 030 Bold

GujratiLys 030 Italic

GujratiLys 030 Wide

GujratiLys 030 Bold Italic

GujratiLys 030 Thin

GujratiLys 030 Condensed

GujratiLys 040

GujratiLys 040 Bold

GujratiLys 040 Italic

GujratiLys 040 Bold Italic

GujratiLys 040 Condensed

GujratiLys 040 Thin

GujratiLys 040 Wide

GujratiLys 050

GujratiLys 050 Italic

GujratiLys 050 Condensed

GujratiLys 050 Thin

GujratiLys 050 Wide

GujratiLys 060

GujratiLys 060 Bold

GujratiLys 060 Italic

GujratiLys 060 Bold Italic

GujratiLys 060 Condensed

GujratiLys 060 Thin

GujratiLys 070

GujratiLys 070 Bold

GujratiLys 070 Italic

GujratiLys 070 Bold Italic

GujratiLys 070 Condensed

GujratiLys 070 Thin

GujratiLys 070 Wide

These free Gujarati fonts are compatible with all windows version like Windows 11, 10, 7, XP etc. The Gujaratilys font series have most used Guajarati fonts like GujaratiLys 010, GujaratiLys 020, GujaratiLys 030, GujaratiLys 040, GujaratiLys 050, GujaratiLys 060 and GujaratiLys 070. All Gujarati legacy font available for free download in one click.

After download fonts follow these steps to install and use Gujarati Lys fonts:

Step 1. Font Installation

  1. Download the font file from the link given above.
  2. Extract the downloaded file (if it’s in a compressed format).
  3. Right-click the font file and select "Install" on Windows, or double-click the font file and click "Install Font" on macOS.

Step 2. Restart Applications

After installing the Gujarati fonts, it’s a good idea to restart the applications in which you want to use them. This will ensures that the newly installed fonts are recognized and available for use in those applications.

Step 3. Test Your Gujarati Fonts

After successful installation of Gujarati fonts on your system. To test them, open a text editor (Notepad etc.) or a word processing application (MS Word etc.) and select the newly installed font from the dropdown list. Start typing and make sure that the fonts are displaying correctly.