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Note : To Change Language Press "Ctrl G". It will stop Gujarati transliteration and whatever you type will be come in English. If you want to Type in Gujarati again, press "Ctrl G" again.


Simple Gujarati Typing

The simplest method for Gujarati Typing is transliteration method. In which you can type with your English keyboard and it's automatically converts into Gujarati script. It's easiest method for Type in Gujarati without learning complex Gujarati Keyboard layout and Gujarati fonts. This English typed words get converted in Gujarati language using transliteration process. For example:

If you want to type - 'સ્વાગત' Just type - 'swagat' and press spacebar

English keyboard to Gujarati typing featured with suggestion word appear on top bar of typing box, by clicking on desired word you will get it on typing screen. You can type as long as you want it's free and fastest method for type in Gujarati. You can download your typed Gujarati text by clicking on download icon just placed at right bottom corner of typing box. Here you can copy and paste the typed text anywhere you want to use.

With the help of Gujarati typing tool above you can type articles, Poems, Blogs, Facebook Post, Tweets etc. Just type and copy and paste. It's done !! No need to mess up with Gujarati Keyboard layouts, Gujarati fonts and licensee software. It's Free, Fast and Accurate Gujarati typing software.


Gujarati language is the native language of 70 Million (7 crore) peoples in Gujarat states of India, ranked 15th most popular language in the world. Gujarati is the official language of Gujarat State, and Daman & Diu and Dadar Nager Haveli union territory. 

Writing system of Gujarati is Left to Right and it's write using "Devanagari" script which one has it's root in "Brahmi" script. In standard Gujarati typing we consist 12 vowels, 36 consonants and 10 numerals. Gujarati alphabet consists total 48 letters.  

Interesting Facts of Gujarati

01. Gujarati is a Indo-Aryan language evolved from Sanskrit.

02. The earliest known document in the Gujarati script is a manuscript dating from 1592.

03. The Gujarati script first appeared in print in a 1797 advertisement.

04. There are several dialects of Gujarati, including Kachchi, Kathiawadi, and Surati.

05. Now speech to text software are also available to type in Gujarati.