Gujarati Keyboard

To type in Gujarati there are 3 types of keyboards. The most popular keyboard for Gujarati typing is showing in order. To type in MS word or notepad select the Gujarati font and type with following key mapping.

1. Gujarati Keyboard

Gujarati Keyboard


2. Gujarati Inscript Keyboard

Gujarati Inscript Keyboard is the standard keyboard layout for Unicode Typing in Gujarati. Shruti Font is most common unicode Gujarati font. The layout and key mapping of Gujarati keyboard is given below.

Gujarati Inscript Keyboard


Enable Gujarati Inscript Keyboard in Windows

3. Gujarati Phonetic Keyboard

Phonetic based on sound of character when you speak it out. The phonetic keyboard for Gujarati works on this pattern. To type Gujarati using phonetic see the key mapping below.

Gujarati Phonetic Keyboard

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